Customer Concierge FAQ

Version 19

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Does Concierge support Google Mobile/Play Services?

    No. Concierge runs AOSP (Android Open Source Platform) version 4.1.1 (aka Jelly Bean) and does not, by design, support GMS/GPS which is not only not required for but also actively undermines Enterprise kiosk use cases. This means Google apps such as Chrome, Maps, Locationing, Cloud to device messaging, Youtube, Drive, Hangouts, Play store, Play services, Voice search and other consumer-facing apps cannot be deployed. This also results in enhanced privacy and security of Enterprise data from targeted ads and data-mining.

    Why does my "Home" page look like standard Android?  Where is the "How can I help you?" screen?

    The "How can I help you" home application is a demo application built for the sole purpose of demoing the CC5000 to prospective customers.  It is not included with a purchase of the CC5000.  The CC5000 ships with two pre-loaded applications that can be used as the guest-mode Home screen:  the standard Android Launcher application (selected by default) and the Concierge Browser.


    How do I set a different application to be the guest-mode Home application?

    If you already have the Demo application installed and want to change the Guest mode app to, say the Concierge Browser then login to admin mode (long press bottom right-hand corner logo and pin 5678) Clock > Settings > Users > Guest User > Concierge Browser and set User Sessions > Attract Screen > No Attract Screen. If you want to make your own app appear as the Guest mode app on power up see this page.


    Can I get the source code for the “How can I help you?” application?

    The sources are not made generally available but please contact the product manager with your business case. See this page for information on creating your own “Home” application.


    Are Data Wedge and Fusion supported?

    Yes both are supported in release 1.2 (Jan 2015). DW version is based on 3.1.6 and Fusion version is 3.01


    How can I get the barcode data programmatically?

    See this page for details on how to programmatically access barcode data using Data Wedge


    How do I change the Attract Screen application to show digital signage?

    Please see Setting Up the TimeOut Application (AttractScreen)


    How do I download the Concierge SDK?

    See the page on Setting up a Concierge dev environment for all of the information needed to install and begin working with the Concierge SDK.

    What can I do with the Concierge SDK?

    The Concierge SDK is an add-on to the Android SDK (API 16).  Thus, anything that you can do with Android API 16 can be done on the Concierge.  The additional features that are accessible to developers using the Concierge SDK are covered in this document, this document, and the SDK documentation section of the CC5000 Launchpad Overview page.


    How can I manage my CC5000 devices?

    In terms of MDM providers, Concierge has deep integration with both SOTI and Air Watch. Integrating with other MDM providers is easy as long as a file can be placed by the MDM to a certain location on the device's SD card. Concierge has a built-in remote management service that allows for various system settings to be changed via XML (packaged up as an MDZ file) and the MDM software will typically be responsible for just delivering that MDZ file to the device. Please see this page for more detailed information.  Additional details about specific management actions are covered in other questions in this FAQ.


    How do I set the default home page for the Concierge Browser?

    The home page for the Concierge Browser can be changed by modifying the browser.startup.homepage property by typing about:config and searching for startup or homepage in the admin browser. Please see this page for detailed information on how to do this, both through the UI and via MDZ.


    How can I hide the Navigation bar (Back, Home, End Session) while my application is visible?

    See this page for detailed information.


    How do I set Android system properties via MDZ?

    See this page for detailed information on how to do this.


    How do I set Android Secure and System Settings via MDZ?

    See this page for detailed information on how to do this.


    How do I set Default Intents via MDZ?

    See page for detailed information on how to do this.


    How can I install additional applications on the CC5000?

    Android applications (APKs) can either be installed manually using "adb install <app.apk>" like on any other android device. To install APKs through management, you need to create a management package MDZ using ManagementPackageBuilder , follow this link for more information.


    Can I load other kinds of web browsers on the CC5000?

    The only browser that we know not to work on the CC5000 is Chrome because Concierge is an AOSP (Android Open Source Platform) device and does not support GMS/GPS (Google Mobile/Play Services).  Most others should be able to be installed as long as they are legally obtained.


    Can I load CC5000 with Microsoft Windows OS?

    The CC5000 platform runs only Android.  There are currently no plans to support Windows OS.


    Can I connect an external barcode scanner/imager to the CC5000?

    Yes as long as only the scanner is configured to HID KB mode


    Why are my HTML5 pages slow?

    Unfortunately, the current performance of mobile browsers is not yet up to the standards expected of desktop browsers.

    My webpage looks "zoomed in", how do I fix this?

    By default, the Concierge Browser displays content slightly "zoomed in" compared to how a desktop browser renders the same page.  To change this, modify the browser.viewport.scaleRatio about:config property in the browser to the value 100.  See this page for detailed information on how to do this, both through the UI and via MDZ.