Setting about:config properties for the Concierge Browser

Version 8

    Setting about:config properties through the UI


    Properties that can be set through about:config are a standard feature of Firefox, and therefore of the Concierge Browser.  To read or edit these properties through the UI, you need to open the Concierge Browser and navigate to about:config.  Here are the steps to follow:


    • Login to the Admin mode.
      • Long-press in the lower-right-hand corner until the PIN code entry box comes up.
      • Enter the Admin PIN code (default is 5678).
    • Touch the array of 6 squares in the top-right corner of the Launcher to open the application drawer.
    • Select Concierge Browser.
    • In the URL bar, type about:config and hit the Go button.
      • NOTE:  You may need to swipe down on the screen to make the URL bar visible.
    • Touch the Search Settings field to bring up the on-screen keyboard.
    • Type in the full property name or a portion of a property name that you would like to change (E.g. browser.startup.homepage) and press the search button.
    • Locate the specific property that you want to modify from the resulting list.
    • Modify the property to the desired value.
      • Boolean properties will have a Toggle button to change the value.
      • Properties that expect a number or a string will have a Modify button, which will bring up a dialog with a field within which you can type your desired value.
        • NOTE:  To save your value, you will need to press the OK button, which unfortunately cannot be seen as it is white text on a white button.  You will need to trust that it is there, beneath the red line on the bottom-right portion of the dialog.  Pressing here will highlight the button blue, and you will be able to read the text OK.  When pressed, the dialog will disappear and the value will be saved.




    Setting about:config properties via MDZ


    Concierge Browser about:config properties can be set via MDZ by constructing an MDZ package that contains a config.xml file for the UPDATE_CONFIG action in the browser package.  A sample management folder structure that can be built into an MDZ for this purpose is attached to this document (  You can find this attachment at the bottom of this document.  Use this sample as a reference for the structure of the directory that needs to be passed into the Management Package Builder tool as described on this page.


    The contents of the sample config.xml file is shown below.  This sample covers only a small fraction of the properties that can be set via about:config.  Research online for additional properties that can be set.

    NOTE:  Pay attention to the type of value you are changing.  String properties require <string> tags, boolean properties require <boolean> tags, integer properties require <integer> tags, etc..



    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>

    <preferences version="1.0">

        <!-- Home page -->

        <string name="browser.startup.homepage" value="" />


        <!-- Kiosk configuration -->

        <boolean name="concierge.always_allow_location" value="true" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <boolean name="concierge.kiosk.disable_user_session_timeout" value="false" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <boolean name="concierge.kiosk.full_screen" value="true" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <boolean name="browser.ui.zoom.disable" value="false" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <boolean name="browser.ui.zoom.force-user-scalable" value="true" /> <!-- Default: false -->


        <!-- Rendering configuration -->

        <integer name="browser.viewport.scaleRatio" value="100" /> <!-- Default: -1 (auto) -->


        <!-- Safe Browsing configuration -->

        <boolean name="browser.safebrowsing.enabled" value="false" /> <!-- Default: true -->

        <boolean name="browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled" value="false" /> <!-- Default: true -->


        <!-- Video playback configuration -->

        <integer name="" value="10" /> <!-- Default: 10 -->


        <!-- Disk cache configuration -->

        <boolean name="browser.cache.disk.enabled" value="true" /> <!-- Default: true -->

        <integer name="browser.cache.disk.capacity" value="1048576" /> <!-- Default: 204800 -->

        <integer name="browser.cache.disk.max_entry_size" value="51200" /> <!-- Default: 4096 -->

        <boolean name="browser.cache.disk.smart_size.enabled" value="false" /> <!-- Default: true -->


        <!-- Memory cache configuration -->

        <boolean name="browser.cache.memory.enabled" value="true" /> <!-- Default: true -->

        <integer name="browser.cache.memory.capacity" value="10240" /> <!-- Default: 1024 -->

        <integer name="browser.cache.memory.max_entry_size" value="5120" /> <!-- Default: 5120 -->


        <!-- Network configuration -->

        <integer name="network.http.max-connections" value="48" /> <!-- Default: 20 -->

        <integer name="network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy" value="48" /> <!-- Default: 20 -->

        <integer name="network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server" value="24" /> <!-- Default: 6 (+5) -->

        <boolean name="network.http.pipelining.aggressive" value="false" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <integer name="network.http.pipelining.max-optimistic-requests" value="4" /> <!-- Default: 4 -->

        <integer name="network.http.pipelining.max-requests" value="6" /> <!-- Default: 6 -->

        <boolean name="network.dns.disablePrefetch" value="true" /> <!-- Default: false -->

        <boolean name="network.prefetch-next" value="false" /> <!-- Default: true -->