ProCat Distribution Technologies completes the Motorola Solutions Validation Program for their PickRight Solution on the WT4190

Version 2

    Partner: ProCat Distribution Technologies


    Application: PickRight


    Industries: Order Picking, Warehouse Management


    Devices Validated: TC55


    Partner Description: ProCat is a technology company that's committed to bringing low-cost turnkey technology solutions to distribution centers. ProCat's constantly updated feature-rich software combined with non-proprietary hardware offers you the best solutions at the most affordable prices.


    Application Description: PickRight is a hands-free order picking system.  A wireless, wrist worn computer and ring scanner replace traditional paper pick tickets. The software is comprised of Picker Prompts, Optional Voice Prompts, Item Scanning (Each and Case), Package Label Printing, Team Picking, Batch Picking, Refrigerator/Freezer, Picking, Extensive Management Reporting, and Electronic Order Correction.

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