XETICS completes the Motorola Solutions Validated Program for their LEAN Solution on the TC55

Version 1

    Partner: XETICS GmbHlogo.png



    Application: LEAN


    Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics


    Devices Validated: TC55


    Partner Description: XETICS offers mission-specific systems for monitoring, tracking, and tracing as well as controlling and planning production processes, both for small production units (small and medium-sized companies, labs, research institutions) and large productions (lines, factories).


    Application Description: XETICS LEAN supports analysis and improvement of production processes by making their implementation simpler and easier to handle.  This transparency of the production process allows full use of improvement potentials as fewer products on stock, higher production rates, delivery, and commitments will be met, and waste of material and time can be identified and reduced.


    For more information: http://www.xetics.com/