Updating System Properties via MDZ

Version 8

    System Properties can be set via MDZ by constructing an MDZ package that contains system.properties file for the SYSTEM_PROPERTY_UPDATE action.  A sample management folder structure that can be built into an MDZ for this purpose is attached to this document (System_property_mgmt.zip).  You can find this attachment at the bottom of this document.  Use this sample as a reference for the structure of the directory that needs to be passed into the Management Package Builder tool as described on this page.


    Some of the important system properties are listed below. Default values if present are in bold.



    persist.sys.usb.configthe current default USB function






    persist.sys.usb.automountIndicates if auto-mounting of external USB drive is enabled1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled)
    persist.sys.usb.automount.sdIndicates if auto-mounting of external SD card is enabled1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled)
    persist.demo.hdmirotationorientation of device, portrait to set portrait , anything else to set it landscapeportrait or landscape/not set
    persist.hwc.mirroring.regionIf the display is mirrored to an external HDMI display, returns the region that has to be mirrored on that displaynot recommended to change
    persist.sys.ui.hwenable disable hardware accelerationtrue / false
    persist.sys.timezoneset time zonelike America/New_York, .......
    persist.concierge.scannerset this to true to get the scanner input as keyboard entrytrue/false
    persist.concierge.magic_barcodeset the value of barcode scan entry, which when scanned can launch an admin app (like h/w test)user optional
    persist.sys.languageset the system languageen, fr,de, it,ja,pt, .....
    persist.sys.countryset the system country value for localeUS, UK....
    persist.concierge.orientationrotate camera orientation180 value means flipped , 0 means not flipped


    user session time-out in milli seconds2000 (2s) - 86399000 (23hr 59m 59s) default: 30000 (30s)
    persist.concierge.locationset location for concierge Analytics reportingstring indicating location (ex:store1234)
    persist.concierge.campaignset marketing campaign name for Analytics reportingstring indicating campaign