DMS PERU SAC completes the Zebra Validation Program for their Consulta y Reserva de Calzado solution on the MC45, MC55, MK4000, MK500 & MK3100

Version 1

    Partner: DMS PERU SAC





    Industries: Retail



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    Devices Validated: MC45, MC55, MK4000, MK500, MK3100



    Partner Description: 20+ years selling Motorola/Symbol and currently providing solutions in Peru to major Retail companies.



    Application Description: A solution that allows you to perform at the point of sale (footwear sector) a more personalized customer service and improve time efficiency in care of it. To do essentially the most important point of attention is:

    - Deliver more accurate responses to the client with respect to the stock.

    - Provide information on: brand, color, size and description.

    - Make reservations at warehouse ensuring their stock.

    - Manage the warehouse: reception, office and inventory

    - Provide information stock wineries shoe stores connected to the system.



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