Configuring clearing of app data on session end via MDZ

Version 2

    As of version, the CC5000 platform supports specifying a list of applications on the device which will have their private data cleared at the end of a user session. This can be specified via MDZ by constructing an MDZ package that contains a CSV file for the DATAWIPE_UPDATE action.

    The CSV file is simply a file containing a list of package names of applications installed on the device which are to have their app data wiped. The package name for an application can be looked up by using aapt (the android application packaging tool). The following command will list additional info for an apk file:

    aapt dump badging <path-to-apk>

    If you don't have the APK but it's installed on your system already, you may also look it up by looking through the output of the following command:

    adb shell pm list packages -f

    Both of these methods require the android SDK.

    Attached is an example MDZ file structure containing an example CSV file for specifying which packages need to be cleared after a user session.

    The application packages specified will clear Datawedge, the default attract screen (No Attract Screen), the built-in file browser, and the Concierge Browser.