Paragon Data Systems, Inc. completes the Zebra Validation Program for their SafeBaby Breast Milk Tracking solution on the MC55A0, DS4208, QLn420

Version 1

    Partner: Paragon Data Systems, Inc.

    Industries: Healthcare


    Devices Validated: MC55A0, DS4208, QLn420


    Partner Description: Bar code systems integrator.


    Application Description: SafeBaby Breast Milk Tracking is a bar code management system designed to inventory all sources of nutrition in a NeoNatal ICU. They are a patient's mother's expressed breast milk, donor human milk from a Milk Bank, and Formula and Fortifiers from the nutrition manufacturers. SafeBaby then matches this inventory information against a doctors prescribed feed order for a patient ensuring the right patient gets the right nutrition at the right time. Safebaby also stops all the major feeding errors in a NICU before they occur by using a simply Red light, Green light notification system. the common errors are wrong nutrition/wrong baby, expired nutrition, and mis-fortified nutrition. Safebaby also has numerous reports so NICU administrators can validate their patient feeding regimes, nursing compliance, and usage of nutrition to help with billing. Safebaby will also chart all this feed data directly to a patients chart in EMR so clinicians can compare patient growth outcomes to the nutrition they were fed.


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