Voicekey Limited completes the Zebra Validation Program for their Mobile Point of Sale application on the SB1

Version 1

    Partner: Voicekey Limited

    Industries: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Transportation and Logistics

    Devices Validated: SB1


    Partner Description: Voicekey is a developer and integrator of Identity Assurance Solutions, based on voice. Our patented technology is based on eight years of research and development.The driving force behind our approach is to deliver a customer value which exceeds that offered by our competitors.We are working with major multinationals to incorporate our proprietary products into their systems and implement successful identity assurance solutions.


    Application Description:  VoicekeyMPOS is a fast and secure method of collecting real-time mobile payments at all points-of-sale. Using the innovative Zebra Technologies Smart Badge as a mobile bar code scanner, the VoicekeyMPOS solution helps improve customer service and increase conversion rates by providing associates with the latest in mobile point-of-sale technology for enhanced shopper engagement.  The VoicekeyMPOS solution provides for a ‘frictionless commerce’ experience by allowing on-demand mobile point-of-sales i.e. queue-busting & shop-front tills, pop-up shops and customer site purchases. Our solution also provides retailers with Big Data and supports loyalty cards, vouchers etc.


    For more information: http://www.voicekey.co.uk/mobile-point-of-sale/

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