Concierge Browser Settings

Version 1

    The Concierge Browser settings can be changed in admin mode via UI or via XML files using the MPB tool for remote management.


    To change settings via UI: open the Browser in admin mode and browse to "about:config" and search for the browser property you want to change. Below are Concierge-specific additions:


    Default Value
    concierge.always_allow_locationfalseAlways allow sites access to geo-location information
    concierge.clear_browsing_datatrueClear Browsing data on user session time-out. The items to be cleared is user configurable. By default, however, all items (cache, session cookies, downloaded files, history, offline apps, form data, site settings and passwords) are cleared.
    concierge.kiosk.disable_user_session_timeoutfalseDisables the user session time-out prompt when browsing in Guest session. It is highly recommended to leave keep the default 'false' setting so that each user's browsing session data is cleared upon session end.
    concierge.kiosk.full_screenfalseEnable this to hide the bottom navigation bar (Back, Home, End Session) when browsing. The bar will appear briefly however when the pin entry dialog comes up for logging into other accounts
    concierge.kiosk.hide_refresh_buttonfalseHides the Refresh button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Browser. This is useful to have enabled in Guest mode Browsing since the URL/Address bar is not shown with options to refresh, go back etc.


    Other commonly used settings:

    PropertyDefault valueDescription
    browser.startup.homepage the Browser home page URL


    To change settings via MDZ/MPB remote management use the attached folder template and follow this thread