Cognito Ltd completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their SmartWorker solution on the TC55, MC67JB, TC55 KK and TC75

Version 3



    Partner: Cognito

    Application: SmartWorker


    Industries: Energy and Utilities, Government Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, National Resources, Public Safety, Transportation and Logistics


    Devices Validated: TC55, MC67, TC55 KK, TC75


    Partner Description: Cognito is a leading provider of service management solutions to organizations with large mobile workforce. For more than 20 years we’ve been at the leading edge of innovation - helping clients to drive field force performance, exceed customer expectations and deliver consistently excellent service.


    Application Description: SmartWorker is based on a radical new approach to mobile workforce management. Unlike conventional mobile applications that primarily focus on allocating and tracking the completion of tasks, SmartWorker pays attention to the details of how work is done - and how performance can be systematically improved.


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