PocketFM by PocketFM

Version 1



    Partner: PocketFM LTD

    Application: PocketFM

    Application Type: Mobile Inspection, Proof of Work, Work Ticket Assignment, Creating/Updating Asset/Building records, Planned Maintenance

    Devices Supported: TC55

    Industries: Education, Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail, Telecom and Media, Transportation and Logistics

    Description: Create records of all the places and locations you work in, all the 'things' you look after and work on. Create reactive work tickets and planned work schedules then assign them to your team members, or anyone in your phone book.


    Ready to use out of the box. Just create a Place and start adding all your, or your clients, locations and assets - even while offline - and you are good to go. Don't worry if you are in an area with poor phone reception - Tickets, Assets, Locations and Places are always available offline.


    Simple user management - Invite people to your team or assign them one-off pieces of work – all via you phones contact book. Lists of data can be a pain to navigate - Add photographs or images to all your Places, Locations, Assets and Tickets for easy identification. Keep an accurate log of all your work with signature sign offs, photos, text description and effort for each ticket.


    Someone say Planned Maintenance? Turn any ticket into a recurring one and customizes how frequently you wish it to generate. Shorten your invoicing cycle by having a mobile work solution capable of capturing all your field information, syncing via the cloud to all team members. Don't let deadlines sneak up on you. Use the calendar view to easily see all the Tickets for a specific day/week/month so you don't get caught out. Synchronize all Tickets to Microsoft Outlook, GCal or most other calendar applications.

    PocketFM is a cutting edge CAFM mobile work application built from the ground up with the end user in mind.

    * 2014 i-fm.net technology in FM finalist * 2014 Times and Scottish Herald Digital Business Awards, Best Mobile App finalist.


    Click2Demo Link: PocketFM by PocketFM