CubLink® Pick&Collect by Cub Business Systems AB

Version 1



    Partner: Cub Business Systems AB

    Application: CubLink® Pick&Collect

    Application Type: Picking of web orders in retail stores

    Devices Supported: TC55

    Industries: Retail

    Description: CubLink® Pick&Collect simplifies management for those who work within the eCommerce industry. By using a web-based centralized system, you can administrate and pick orders locally in stores or separate storages. Through this unique systematical design, every individual store or storage that is used for the sole picking of items can individually create the handling process based on the stores own layout and conditions -  regardless of size, local variations or assortment. CubLink® Pick&Collect gives all possibilities in order to effectively manage eCommerce with picking options through different locations. This is the centrally administrative system with all local advantages!

    Click2Demo Link: CubLink® Pick&Collect by Cub Business Systems AB