Add Users, Groups, or Admins to a Collection

Version 6

    Note: Groups must be created prior to adding them to a Collection (see Create a Group).


    From the AppGallery home page:

    1. Click Collections on the menu bar.

    2. Click on the Collection to which the users and groups will be added.

    3. Click on the Users tab as shown below:




    4. To invite a single user OR a group, click the Invite new user tab and enter the following information:


    5. A pop up like the one show below will then appear:



    6. Enter the name of the individual or group that you would like to invite to the collection.

    7. Select whether this indivdual or group will be an admin or a member of the collection

    8. You may write a message, to include in the email invitation to the collection, or you may leave it blank

    9. Click Invite.


    • Note: Admin users have the ability to add/remove users and apps from a Collection. Admins also can view the Collection by signing into the website when using the AppGallery Mobile or AppGallery Enterprise apps.