About AppGallery

Version 22

    Help partners and developers test, deliver, maximize visibility, and increase revenue for Zebra-compatible enterprise mobile apps


    AppGallery provides partners that are developing applications for Zebra mobile devices with an easy way to test, market, deliver and sell their applications. Whether developers need to beta test new apps or conduct proof-of-concept or pre-production testing for a specific customer, AppGallery makes it easy. Developers can simply create their own Galleries, upload apps and invite users via email or text message. When it’s time to get the word out, partners and developers can place their app in the public AppGallery Showcase to easily promote apps to potentially every company that is considering or has purchased Zebra mobile devices. Showcase participation is virtually effortless — we take care of marketing AppGallery to our customers. Since AppGallery is resident on Zebra mobile devices, new apps are never more than a few clicks away from the most qualified buyers and existing users can be easily notified when updated versions are available. AppGallery — the easy way to maximize delivery simplicity, visibility and revenue for Zebra-compatible applications.




    • Sign up and upload apps to AppGallery
    • Create Galleries to distribute apps privately to users
    • If desired, submit apps to the public AppGallery Showcase to reach more prospective customers and expand awareness for your applications and your brand
    • Receive number of downloads and review metrics for immediate feedback
    • Can browse and use the universe of available apps for their workers
    • Rapidly evaluate potential solutions for your business
    • Can control which apps are offered to employees by creating customized Galleries that contain all the apps utilized in their enterprise - AppGallery Showcase and non-Showcase apps
    END USERS...
    • Accesses and downloads only approved apps and app updates in the company app store
    • Post reviews
    • If permitted by Enterprise IT, users can access the main public AppGallery Showcase to browse available apps for their enterprise-class device that could help streamline their personal workflows
    • Simplifies procurement of new applications



    All companies of all sizes:

    • Small business

    (less than 100 employees)

    With AppGallery, small businesses can easily find, download and start using your apps right away, making it feasible for smaller operations to leverage the power of 'big-business-mobility' - and for you to reach the small business market

    • Medium to large businesses

    (100 to 1,000+ employees)

    The ability to find, evaluate and test apps will make it easier than ever for larger businesses to locate and manage their applications