About Collections

Version 6

    AppGallery is all about apps. Collections are the vehicles for distributing one or many apps to Users or Groups.


    Once a Collection is created on the website, apps can be added to it and users can be invited to them. Once invited, a user gains access to all the apps placed in that Collection and receives updates automatically.


    You can create as many Collections as you need. For each Collection you create, you can choose which apps to add and which users to invite. The apps can be internally developed apps, Marketplace apps, or both. Once you have added the apps and invited your users, they will be permitted to access and download apps on their mobile devices. Any updates made to those apps will automatically be sent to the users of the Collection.


    Collections can be used to:

    Test apps: Upload and add your test apps to a Collection and then invite the users to that Collection to test your app.

    Distribute apps to employees: Add internal and Marketplace apps to a Collection and invite employees to view the Collection.

    Distribute apps to customers: Upload a customer-specific app, add it to a Collection and invite customers to the Collection.

    Send updated apps for testing or to employees and customers: Once you have shared apps in a Collection, any updates to the apps will be sent out to any users within that Collection.