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    Zebra AppGallery (https://appgallery.zebra.com) is a free enterprise tool and application Showcase designed to help companies showcase and deploy mobile apps. Together with AppGallery Mobile (.apk) client app for Android devices, AppGallery can be used by enterprises, partners and independent developers to deploy Android apps purchased from the AppGallery Showcase and deploy them anywhere in the world based on user name or group. AppGallery Mobile is included with every Zebra mobile computer running Android. The client app provides access to a company's published apps as well as those in the public Showcase. Administrators have full access to a secure instance of the AppGallery web site where they can store apps and maintain users and groups. AppGallery also easily allows partners, ISVs and enterprises to submit apps to the Showcase.


    Who Will Use AppGallery?

    In the enterprise, AppGallery can be used to simplify deployment of mobile apps in different territories and for different job types. For example, let's say a company has a field mobility workforce that uses different apps in different areas of the country but also has one or two apps in common. Using AppGallery, the company can create a main Collection for all employees, for example, and additional Collections for the each of its sales territories. After uploading their apps to the appropriate Collections, the company can create users and groups in the system and invite them to join those Collections that apply their job. The next time each user checks their email or messaging client (based on company preference), they're prompted to install the AppGallery client and download apps assigned to their specific group. Updates are subsequently installed with no need for user intervention. AppGallery also can import user lists and send bulk invitations.


    For Zebra partners, AppGallery can be used as a multi-tenant delivery system for deployment of mobile apps to multiple customers. Partners can simply create a one or more Collections for each customer and invite the customer's employees to join the Collection and download their apps. After that, app maintenance is automatic.


    ISVs will benefit most from AppGallery's free Showcase for publishing apps for sale to the general public. Unlike Google Play, which forces potential customers to sift through hundreds of unrelated consumer apps, AppGallery can filter apps by industry and device, quickly narrowing the field to the most relevant choices. Once apps are installed, AppGallery acts as a multi-tenant maintenance system for deployment of mobile apps to multiple customers with automatic maintenance of app updates.


    Glossary of Terms

    Collections – One or more apps that have been created and uploaded by the user or purchased from a third-party developer through the Showcase. Also referred to generally as Collections, they're the vehicle for distributing apps and updates to AppGallery users. Once an app is added to a Collection, users are “invited” to download the app or can have those apps and updates pushed to their device. Once a user is invited to a Collection, they're permitted to access to all the apps in that Collection.


    Apps – Apps are applications that AppGallery manages and makes available for download. The AppGallery system and Showcase support apps for Android only.


    Users – A User is someone credentials to access AppGallery apps and who can be invited to share one or more Collections. users can be imported by an Administrator and organize them into groups for easy deployment and communication. Users can add, remove, edit, or update apps they've created or that they've acquired from the Showcase.


    Showcase – The Showcase is a Collection for Android apps that's open to the public. AppGallery users can publish their apps in the Marketplace as a means to share and market them to other companies. The Showcase offers access to some of the best enterprise and productivity apps in the world. Admins can deploy Showcase apps to their own users simply by adding them to their own Collections.


    Administrator – Any user with administrative privileges to AppGallery. 


    Group – A collection of users.


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