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    AppGallery Documentation and Help


    Zebra AppGallery ( is a free enterprise tool and application marketplace designed to help companies deploy and update mobile apps and to keep mobile workers productive. Using the AppGallery web site and mobile apps, enterprises, partners and independent developers can manage their own apps or those purchased from the AppGallery marketplace, and deploy them anywhere in the world based on user name or group. With a look and feel like an app store, AppGallery makes it easy for admins to upload their company's apps for distribution to the field, and for users to find and install those apps or have them installed and updated automatically.


    Included with every Zebra mobile computer running Android is AppGallery Mobile, a version of the client app that provides access to a company's published apps as well as those in the public marketplace. For companies wanting more control, the customizable AppGallery Enterprise mobile client adds the ability to limit installations to company-approved apps, to push updates without user intervention and to be customized with a splash screen. Administrators have full access to a secure instance of the AppGallery web site for storing and managing apps and for creating users and groups. AppGallery also easily allows partners, ISVs and enterprises to submit apps to the marketplace.



    Getting Started

    Welcome to AppGallery

    Supported devices <<NEW

    Create an account

    Login and logout

    Update your account profile

    Contact us

    The Showcase

    About the Showcase

    Search Showcase apps

    View Showcase app information

    Submit an app to the Showcase


    About Galleries

    Create a Gallery

    Add an internal app to a Gallery

    Add a Showcase app to a Gallery

    Invite Users to a Gallery

    Scan to Login (Admin guide) <<NEW

    Remove apps from a Gallery

    Add users, groups, or admins to a Gallery

    Remove a user or admin from a Gallery

    Send a follow-up invitation (re-invite)

    Update Gallery information

    Delete a Gallery

    Search for Galleries

    View Gallery information



    About Apps

    Upload an App <<NEW

    Submit an app to the Showcase

    Upload a new app version <<NEW

    Push Notification <<NEW

    Edit an app

    Specify app settings

    Search for internal apps

    Delete an App

    About iOS Support


    Users and Groups

    About users and groups

    Add an individual user

    Add/import multiple users

    Invite Users to a Gallery

    Delete a user from an AppGallery account

    Create a group

    Add users to a group

    Remove a user from a group

    Delete a group

    Search for users or groups


    Mobile App

    About the mobile app

    Install AppGallery Enterprise (AGE) app

    Create an account on the mobile device

    Customize the AppGallery Mobile App splash screen

    Mobile App Login, Scan to Login <<NEW

    Install Gallery apps on a mobile device

    Customize the mobile app

    Specify mobile app settings

    View mobile app information


    App Quality Guidelines

    App Submission Checklist

    Developer Distribution and Test Agreement

    Developer Program Policies