About Apps

Version 16

    AppGallery can display applications in two ways: as Internal apps and as Marketplace apps.


    Internal apps

    Internal apps are apps that have been uploaded by you for distribution to your users only. Internal apps are not displayed in the Marketplace and cannot be found by anyone other than users that you've invited to the Collection in which they're stored. Internal Apps can be viewed and downloaded using either the AppGallery Mobile app or the AppGallery Enterprise app.


    Marketplace apps

    Marketplace apps are apps that have been uploaded to AppGallery and submitted to the Marketplace by Zebra partners and developers. Apps displayed in the Marketplace have been tested by Zebra Technologies for security and device compatibility. Marketplace apps are visible to the public on the AppGallery web site and can be downloaded using the AppGallery Mobile app that's installed on every Zebra Technologies device running Android.


    Marketplace apps are not accessible through the AppGallery Enterprise app by default. However, Marketplace apps can be selected and shared through one or more of a company's own Collections. In this way, companies are able to select particular Marketplace apps for use by their employees or customers. However, maintenance of Marketplace apps remains in control of the apps' respective developers.


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