Submit an App to the Marketplace

Version 8

    Note: You must first upload an app before submitting it to the Marketplace .


    We also recommend reading the AppGallery Developer Program Policies before proceeding.


    1. Log into AppGallery.

    2. From the home page, click Apps on the menu bar.

    3. Click on the application to be submitted.

    4. Click on the 3 vertical dots to access the Submit to Marketplace link




    The "Upload an App" page will appear with a Details section below the Information and Build sections.


    5. If necessary, Click "3. Details" to expand the section and expose its fields.

    6. Select "Yes, create my app and also submit to AppGallery."

    Most fields will switch from "Optional" to "Required."



         Details section: Some of the information required to submit an app to the Marketplace.


    7. Fill out all required fields. It may be necessary to scroll down to access all fields.


    8. AppGallery also provides optional fields for user guide and promotional video. Enter URLs, if available.



    9. Select the type of testing requested, as appropriate for your partner level.


    Learn about PartnerEmpower and testing options.


    10. Click Save and Add App.


    After submission, you can track the progress of your app through Zebra's testing process by clicking on its tile. A status indicator will appear to the right of the App Name and Version.


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    Field definitions

    For public display:

    • Email (of the person submitting the app)
    • Phone (of the person submitting the app)
    • Website URL (of the organization responsible for the app)
    • Languages (presented within the app)
    • Offer Countries (in which the app can be used)
    • Support (select from a drop-down list of operating systems)
    • Supported Devices (on which the app is designed to operate)
    • Categories (industries for which the app is intended)
    • Banner (image representing the app to be displayed on AppGallery web site. 260x130px min., aspect ratio of 2:1 max.)
    • Screenshots(at least 3 and no more than 6; 230x350px recommended)
    • Features (list the key features and benefits of the app)
    • What's New (list of what has changed in the version being uploaded)
    • User Guide URL (optional)
    • Promo Video URL (optional)


    For Zebra internal use only:

    • Developer Name (the app's main programmer)
    • Developer Email
    • Developer Phone Number
    • Advertising capabilities (optional; banner ads, etc)
    • Remote connectivity (optional)