Specify app settings

Version 11

    From the AppGallery home page:


    1. Click Collections in the menu bar.

    2. Select the Collection in which settings require adjustment.

    3. Click the App Settings tab. A screen appears similar to the image below:



    4. On the Collection Settings page, choose the following settings for each app in the collection:

    • Auto Install - can prevent a device user from declining an installation
    • Updates - controls whether an app can receive updates from the server
    • App Open - controls whether the app is allowed to run on the device
    • Notify - controls whether the app can send user notifications
    • Block Updates -can require user permission for updates


    For information about on-device notifications, please refer to Push Notification.


    5. When finished, click the Update button for each app changed.


    Note: Changes made to the app settings in this way will change the settings for all AppGallery Mobile clients that access that Collection.