Specify app settings

Version 7

    From the AppGallery home page:


    1. Click Collections in the menu bar.

    2. If necessary, click on the organization name and select your organization.

    3. Select the collection where settings need to be adjusted

    4. Click the Settings tab.




    5. On the Collection Settings page, specify the following for each app in the collection:

    • Force Install (on/off)
    • Updates (on/off)
    • Block Updates (on/off)

    6. When finished, click the Update button for each app changed.


    Note: Changes made to the app settings will change the settings of the AppGallery Enterprise Mobile App (AGE) for any user invited to access your Collections.


    App settings can be set on the device using the AGE Settings panel:



    For information about on-device notifications, please refer to Push Notification.