Update an Existing App (upload a new version)

Version 9

    When a new version of an existing Gallery app becomes available, follow these instructions to replace the old app with the new version.


    If you wish to make both versions available, leave this page and follow the instructions to Upload a New App.


    To simply change some app data or upload new or additional screenshots, please follow instructions to Edit an existing App.


    In brief, updating an existing AppGallery app involves three basic steps:


    1- Identify the app in AppGallery to be updated

    2- Upload the application package

    3- Upload screenshots and contact info


    NOTE: For Android apps, the version code within the new APK MUST be HIGHER than the APK it is replacing.


    Here's a complete explanation of the process:


    1. Log into AppGallery.

    2. Click Apps on the menu bar.

    3. Locate the App to be updated (search or scroll as necessary).

    4. Double-click the App's card to bring up its full description and select New version from the menu, as below:




    This will invoke same Upload screen, similar to the image below:




    If the Upload screen does not appear, click its checkmark. The remaining instructions are the same as for adding a new app:


    5. In the Upload section:

    • Select Android or iOS build (Note: iOS apps cannot be submitted to the Marketplace)
    • Select the Source of app files (local files or remote build URL)
    • If local files, click Browse and navigate to your app's installation package (.APK for Android; .IPA for iOS)
    • In the case of local Android files, the version, version code and package name of the app are picked from the APK.
    • If remote build URL, enter the URL, version, version code and package name of the app

    NOTE: For Android apps, the version code within the new APK MUST be HIGHER than the APK it is replacing.


    When finished, the page should look similar to the image below:



    Notice that as each section is completed, a check mark will appear at the right (see red arrow). If it becomes necessary to return to a prior section, CLICK THE CHECK MARK TO GO BACK. Do not use the browser's Back button.


    SKIP TO STEP 12 if there's no need to include additional configuration files when the app is installed on the device. The ability to Include additional files is supported on Android devices and with AppGallery 2.3 and higher.



    6.  In the Upload section, click the Checkbox for "Include configuration files" indicated by the arrow in the image below. A section will appear like the one in the red box below:


    7. Click "+ Add data file" for each file to be added. As many as five (5) files can be included. The image below shows fields for adding three (3) data files:



    8. Click the Browse button and navigate to the file to be included.


    9. Enter the desired path in the Device Location field. When the app is installed, the data file will be placed in this location on the device.

    10. Repeat the steps above for each included file.


    11. Once all the Upload information is entered, click "Continue to Details" button to upload the app file. A progress bar will appear briefly while the app uploads:




    When the upload completes, the Details section should appear similar to the image below.


    If the Details section does not appear, refresh the page.


    12. Answer the question: Would you like to submit your new app to AppGallery's public marketplace?

    • Select "No..." if your app is for your company's internal use only and/or is for iOS.

    • Select "Yes..." if your app is for Android and is for internal use and you want to make your app available to the public.


    13. Fill out all additional required fields (it might be necessary to scroll down to access all fields).



    14. Fill out optional fields (as desired). Include URLs for user guide and promotional video, if applicable.

    15. Click Save and Add App to complete app submission.


    Field definitions

    For public display:

    • Sales Contact Email (the person responsible for posting and/or selling the app)
    • Phone Number (of the person submitting the app)
    • Website URL (of the organization responsible for the app)
    • Languages (presented within the app)
    • Offer Countries (in which the app can be used)
    • Android Flavor Support (select from a drop-down list of operating systems)
    • Supported Devices (on which the app is designed to operate)
    • Categories (industries for which the app is intended)
    • Screenshots (at least 3 and no more than 6; 230x350px recommended)
    • Features (list of the key features and benefits of the app)
    • What's New (list of what has changed in the version being uploaded)
    • User Guide URL (optional)
    • Promo Video URL (optional)



    Note: If your app was on the Marketplace before you updated to a new version, you will need to submit your app to the Marketplace again after updating the version. Your previous version will remain on the Marketplace until your new version has been approved.