4.05 Edit an existing App

Version 6

    This doc explains how to change the information and/or screenshots that accompany a previously posted app, but not change the app itself. To replace an old version of an existing Gallery app with a new one (and optionally change its information too), please follow instructions to Upload a new version of an app.


    In brief, editing app data involves three basic steps:

    1- Identify the app in AppGallery

    2- If it's a Marketplace app, bring up app from within the Marketplace (important)

    3- Click in the app's title to bring up its details

    4- Change and save the information


    Here's a complete explanation of the process:


    1. Log into AppGallery.

    2. Click Apps on the menu bar.

    3. Locate the App to be updated (use search or scroll, if necessary).

    4. On the app card, click the menu icon, as indicated by the arrow in the image below:

    AG_app_details copy.png




    5. Select Edit from the menu (similar to the image above). A screen like the one below appears.


    6. Answer the question: Would you like to submit your new app to AppGallery's public marketplace?

    • Select "No..." if your app is for your company's internal use only.

    • Select "Yes..." if your app is for Android, for internal use and you want to make your app available to the public.




    7. Fill out all additional required fields (it might be necessary to scroll down to access all fields).

    8. Fill out optional fields (as desired). Include URLs for user guide and promotional video, if applicable.

    9. Click Save and Add App to complete app submission.


    Field definitions

    For public display:

    • Sales Contact Email (the person responsible for posting and/or selling the app)
    • Phone Number (of the person submitting the app)
    • Website URL (of the organization responsible for the app)
    • Languages (presented within the app)
    • Offer Countries (in which the app can be used)
    • Android Flavor Support (select from a drop-down list of operating systems)
    • Supported Devices (on which the app is designed to operate)
    • Categories (industries for which the app is intended)
    • Screenshots (at least 3 and no more than 6; 230x350px recommended)
    • Features (list of the key features and benefits of the app)
    • What's New (list of what has changed in the version being uploaded)
    • User Guide URL (optional)
    • Promo Video URL (optional)



    Note: If your app was in the showcase before you updated to a new version, you will need to submit your app to the showcase again after updating the version. Your previous version will remain in the showcase until your new version has been approved.