AppGallery FAQs

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    AppGallery FAQs

    What is a gallery?
    The process of sending one or multiple apps to specified users and then ensuring those apps remain with the right version can be complex. A gallery simplifies this process. Galleries are created by users (partners, developers, and administrators) of the web application to manage distribution of applications. When a gallery is created, apps can be added to the gallery and then users can be invited to that gallery. When a user is invited to the gallery, that user will be able to access all the applications that are available in the gallery. If at any time the owner of the gallery wishes to remove a user from accessing the gallery, they are able to easily remove the user from the gallery making it so the user no longer can access the applications or updates in the gallery.

    Do all apps that I upload go through Zebra testing?
    No, only applications that are submitted to the AppGallery Showcase go through additional levels of testing. All applications that are uploaded and distributed through a user account and private gallery do not go through any Zebra testing.

    What is the difference between a Showcase (public) app and a private app?
    A Showcase app is an application that was uploaded by a partner or developer and submitted to the AppGallery Showcase (marketplace). The AppGallery Showcase is a marketplace of applications that have been submitted to be publicly accessible and distributable. They consist of both demo and full use applications.


    A Private app is an application that has been uploaded by a partner, developer, or customer but has not been submitted to the showcase. AppGallery allows account owners to distribute their own private or internal applications without ever submitting anything to Zebra.

    How do I invite users?
    See Add users, groups, or admin to a gallery, or Add an individual user.

    How do I get my apps onto the showcase?
    See Submit an app to the Showcase

    What does it mean to submit apps to the showcase?
    Submitting an app to the showcase means that the partner or developer wishes to have that application posted on the Zebra AppGallery Showcase (marketplace) for public distribution and consumption of that application.

    Who can I contact for support? Does Zebra support all the applications on AppGallery?
    Zebra Technologies does provide support for general questions on how to use AppGallery. Please contact if bugs or other concerns are found or start a discussion. Zebra does NOT support the applications that are available for installation on AppGallery. For support of those applications, please contact the app owner. Their email contact can be found on the application’s home page.

    Is there a cost for using AppGallery?
    There are no costs associated with using AppGallery.

    What devices does it support?
    AppGallery supports the Zebra Technologies TC55, TC70, TC75, MC40, MC32, and MC67. TC55 users will need to upgrade to the latest re-branded BSP to be able to successfully install and use AppGallery.

    Can I pay for an app on the Showcase?
    Not at this time. Customers are encouraged to use the contact information found on AppGallery to contact the developer or partner to purchase a paid application.

    What types of apps can I upload to AppGallery?
    All Android .APKs are able to be uploaded at this time.

    Is AppGallery Showcase just for Demo apps?
    No, the AppGallery Showcase can be used to distribute full Android apps just like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. For apps that require a license, the user will need to contact the developer

    What is the difference between the two mobile apps?
    AppGallery consists of two mobile apps: 1) AppGallery Mobile (AGM) and 2) AppGallery Enterprise (AGE)

    1) AGM ships on our android products out of the box and has been built as a consumer type app store experience. It allows the user to navigate through and download apps in the marketplace after signing in.

    2) AGE is distributed through the URL via email or a text message. This allows for greater customization by admins and it removes the ability for users of the AGE app to access the Showcase.

    Is AppGallery just for Zebra Technologies’ mobile computers?
    All Showcase apps support one or many of Zebra Technologies’ mobile computers. However, AppGallery Enterprise (AGE) can be used to distribute internal or private applications that extend beyond Zebra mobile computers.

    Can I have multiple version of the same app in the system?
    At this time, users can only have one version of an app in the system at a given time. When the app is updated with a new version, that version is applied to all galleries where that app has been added.