AppGallery Mobile Client - Getting Started

Version 7

    Applications published in the AppGallery web site are downloaded and installed to the device using the AppGallery mobile client, which comes pre-installed on all supported Zebra Android devices. Analogous to the Google Play app, the AppGallery client provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing all of a company's own apps as well as those published by others in the public marketplace.


    To get the AppGallery client or upgrade to the latest version, visit the AppGallery client download page.


    Log in and Download an App


    1. Launch the AppGallery client on a device with an internet connection.

    2. Enter the user name and password (self-registered or supplied by IT admin).

    By default, the AppGallery client categorizes apps by company, New & Updated and Popular status.

    3. Tap on "Browse by Categories" to see a list of categories.

    4. Tap on a Category to see apps that fall into that category.

    5. Tap on the desired app and follow prompts to install.




    Search for an App

    1. Tap the magnifying glass to bring up the search screen; the soft keyboard appears.

    2. Enter the search term and tap the keyboard's magnifying glass (arrow).

    NOTE: Search will start automatically after the first four (4) characters are entered.

    3. A list of print-related apps appears (r). Tap on the desired app and follow prompts to install.

    magnifiying_glass.pngsearch_for_print.pngprint-search_result copy.png


    MyApps Screen

    The center button in the bottom row (between Home and Settings) brings up the MyApps screen.


    Installed -  apps installed through AppGallery

    Collections - apps shared by the company administrator (l)

    All - combines installed apps and those shared in a Collection (r)

    myApps_collections.png myApps_all.png



    The Settings button provides limited functionality at this time:

    Tap "About AppGallery" to display the installed version and availability of a newer version, if any.