App Submission Checklist

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    AppGallery Introduction


    AppGallery provides developers with a simple way to market, distribute, and sell their applications, providing an easy path to maximum visibility, revenue and deployment. It provides the easiest and most effective way to deploy and marketplace enterprise grade apps to any organization that is considering or has purchased Zebra's Android-based mobile devices. AppGallery is more than a marketplace; it is a tool that simplifies app deployment while allowing for immediate feedback from users on a private or public forum.


    There are a few important concepts to understand when getting started.


    The AppGallery website is designed for users looking to easily find, manage, and distribute mobile apps to multiple devices and users.


    The website has the following elements:

         Marketplace: A public marketplace for best-in-class enterprise mobile applications.

         Collections: A means for private distribution of apps to one or many users.

         Apps: Mobile apps that can be shared privately using Collections or publicly through the Marketplace .

         Users: People or devices with whom you have shared your apps.


    App Submission Checklist


    If you develop apps for the enterprise, then using AppGallery is the best way for you to test, share, and market your enterprise apps. To help you learn how to best use AppGallery to fit your needs, read through the Developer Checklist. This checklist will give you an overview of the AppGallery process and will direct you to any information you may need to test, share, and market your app using AppGallery.


    Developer Checklist Image.PNG


    1. Create an AppGallery Account

    In order to take advantage of AppGallery, you will first need to create an account. This is very simple, just visit the AppGallery Website, click on Register, and fill in the required information. Once you have an AppGallery account you can begin using it right away.


    2. Understand the Developer Distribution Agreement

    By submitting an app to the Marketplace you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the Developer Distribution Agreement. As such, please be sure to read through and understand the Developer Distribution Agreement.


    3. Build and Test your App

    Build your App

    Developing an app to work properly on an enterprise device such as a Zebra Technologies mobile computer can be a complicated process. As you develop your app, check out Zebra Technologies key resources for developers. These resources can help you to take advantage of the different features and functions available of Zebra mobile devices.


    EMDK for Android When mission-critical enterprise applications require tight integration and performance, the Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit, or EMDK for Android, delivers the feature set and capabilities you have grown to expect from Zebra Technologies. With a comprehensive set of APIs and sample code, the EMDK enables you to take full advantage of the purpose-built capabilities our devices have to offer.


    LaunchPad Online Developer Community This online community brings developers from around the world together to aid in designing, developing, and debugging applications.


    PartnerEmpowerTM for Application Partners The PartnerEmpower Program helps developers succeed through new growth opportunities, marketing and sales support, and extensive development resources.


    Test your App

    Before submitting your app to the Marketplace , you can upload your app to your AppGallery account and create a Collection for testing. After you create a Collection you can easily add your app to the Collection and invite users to the Collection.  Those users will be able to access, download, and test your app on their mobile devices. Your testers can also provide you with direct and immediate feedback through reviews and ratings.


    It is important to test your app prior to submitting it to the Marketplace to increase the ease of having your app approved. Once your app has been submitted to the Marketplace , it will go through testing to ensure quality and security. Please see our App Quality Guidelines to understand the qualifications your app needs to meet.


    4. Prepare Materials Needed for App Submission

    Before submitting your app, make sure you have all of the necessary materials you will need to get through the approval process and to promote your app in the Marketplace . Below are a list of required materials and information you will be asked to provide.


    • App Icon/Logo – The recommended size for your app icon is 200x200px. This icon will be visible on your Marketplace tile, app page, and as your app icon on the mobile device.
    • Categories – Select the different industries that are applicable to your app from the following list: education, energy and utilities, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, natural resources, professional services, public safety, retail, telecom, transportation and logistics, field mobility, SAP integration, Zebra, and cross industry. This information is important and will help you increase app visibility to the right customers.
    • Supported Devices – Select the devices that your app will be supported on from the following list: ET1, MC32 Android, MC40, MC67 Android, TC55, TC70, & TC75.
    • List Key Features – Create a list of key features that can help customers understand what makes your app unique. Also when you submit your list of key features, make sure each key feature is on a new line.
    • What's New – When you submit a new version, use this space to highlight the new features, functions, and fixes included in your new version.
    • Screenshots – You will need to include between four and six screenshots (recommended image size of 230x350px). Use these screenshots to give users a feel of what to expect and to highlight unique features and functions.
    • Privacy Policy – You must include your privacy policy (or a link to it) when you upload your app.
    • Sales Contact Email – If your app requires a customer to purchase a license to use the app after downloading, please include a sales contact email that they can use to get a license. Currently customers cannot directly purchase the app or app licenses through AppGallery, but this feature is planned to be in place in the future.
    • User manuals and demo videosAppGallery provides fields for including links to these valuable resources to help get your users started and to inform them of how to use your apps to their fullest.


    5. Submit Your App to the Marketplace

    When you are ready, you can submit your app to the Marketplace . Your app will go through an approval process where it will be tested for quality and security. Once approved, it will be added to the Marketplace , making your app publicly visible to thousands of customers looking for enterprise and productivity apps to use with their Zebra Technologies mobile computers. As customers begin to download and use your app, they will be able to provide immediate feedback through AppGallery's reviews and ratings system.


    6.  Maintain and Support Your App

    After your app has been posted on the Marketplace , you will be responsible for supporting and maintaining it. When changes are made to your app, AppGallery provides an easy means to upload a new version. However, updates must be submitted to the Marketplace and re-tested before they will be made publicly available.