Gacrux Ltd completes the Zebra Technologies Validation program for their GX Mechanic Calendar on the TC55 and TC70

Version 1


    Partner: Gacrux Ltd


    Application: GX Mechanic Calendar


    Industries: Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services


    Devices validated: TC55, TC70


    Partner description: Gacrux Ltd headquartered in Rackeve, Hungary was founded in 2010 as an enterprise mobile software company. You can find in our portfolio specialized enterprise solutions for logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse management, inventory, with barcode, QR code, RFID, NFC tag technologies. Since its founding Gacrux has recognized the power of mobile devices in enterprise workflows and its direct link to competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. Over the years, Gacrux has helped companies navigate the growth and transformation of business through consulting services and customized software solutions. In addition, Gacrux Ltd. invest in developers to ensure latest technology is available and utilized to make sure customers receive the best experience. Several partnerships have been built to satisfy even professional demands on the hardware side.


    Application description:  GX Mechanic Calendar is a business calendar for mechanics, or anybody who need to record tasks and appointments together. It contains a mini CRM for company information, a mini inventory management for devices and parts. It synchronizes the calendar events with your calendar you set up in settings and you can check your availability in one calendar and decide which appointment fits into your day. With GX Mechanic Calendar you can plan your work day easily and track what you did for your customers. You no longer need to write notes and later spend hours to find what you were looking for.


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