CV Studios Entertainment Inc completes the Zebra Technologies Validation program for their CV NET application on the ET1, MC3200, MC67, TC55, TC75, and TC70

Version 1

    Partner: CV Studios Entertainment Inc.New Picture (11).bmp


    Application: CV NET


    Industries: Telecommunications and Media


    Devices validated: ET1, MC3200, MC67, TC55, TC75, and TC70


    Partner description: By leveraging CVSE's extensive subject matter expertise in business, visual storytelling, technology development and brand marketing communications, CVSE will provide the world with comprehensive products and services to enable businesses and individuals new opportunities and tools for expansion to the four corners of the globe. Be it a business to business customer or end user consumer, CVSE’s enhanced mobile broadcast technology, products and services will provide instantaneous access to desired information-delivering on its trademark of “What you Want.  When you Want it!” ™


    Application description: CV NET is the first to market multi-channel mobile broadcast network. Their mobile broadcast network allows any audience to view shows from existing produced content - to the new and experimental - which comes from the Global reach that mobile provides. New content is updated daily, plenty of shows, films and docs to keep you entertained.


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