Changing the launcher workspace wallpaper via MDZ

Version 1

    Launcher workspace wallpaper can be changed on any of the concierge hubs via  management update. A MDZ file with action UPDATE_LAUNCHER_WALLPAPER with a new wallpaper image in format .png can be build using the management package builder (MPB).  A sample management folder structure that can be built into an MDZ for this purpose is attached at the end of this document . Use this sample as a reference for the structure of the directory that needs to be passed into the Management Package Builder tool as described on this page.


    Some things to consider about the dimension of the image and file type for optimal results:

    • png images files are preferred
    • image should have dimension of 2990 by 1008 pixels  in landscape mode so it can extend without stretching across multiple launcher screens
    • features like center tile and screen savers are not supported