ALK Technologies Inc. completed the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their CoPilot Professional/ CoPilot Truck solution on the TC75, TC55, MC67, ET1

Version 2

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    Partner: ALK Technologies Inc.


    Application: CoPilot Professional/ CoPilot Truck


    Industries: Transportation & Logistics




    Devices validated: TC75, TC55, MC67, ET1


    Application description: CoPilot® Professional is an enterprise grade GPS navigation solution designed to provide turn-by-turn GPS navigation and route guidance on Android and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphone devices.

    CoPilot® Truck™ is a truck-specific GPS navigation solution that takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide driver's safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads. Using customizable truck dimensions for height, length, width and weight/axel weight, drivers can calculate the optimal route that is both safe and legal, to avoid costly fines and vehicle damage.


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