Century Software completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their TinyTERM Enterprise Solution on the TC55, MC40, MC9200, and TC70

Version 2


    Partner: Century Software


    Application: TinyTERM Enterprise


    Industries:  Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities


    Devices Validated: TC55, MC40, MC9200, and TC70


    Partner Description: Century Software develops, markets, and supports advanced Web-to-host and desktop networking solutions for the worldwide market. Our products provide superior terminal emulation and network file sharing technologies to help individuals and corporations bridge dissimilar operating systems to access legacy information from anywhere, at any time. Using standard Internet technologies, Century Software's suite of TinyTERM products offers intuitive user interfaces and powerful tools to access UNIX and IBM host data and applications to virtually anyone.


    Application Description: TinyTERM Enterprise for Android provides secure SSH and telnet access using exact terminal emulation for 21 terminal types, including IBM TN3270E, TN5250, VT420 and Wyse 50/60. TinyTERM Enterprise combines second-generation secure terminal emulation with a highly configurable industrial web browser to allow creation and deployment of purpose-based devices requiring access to legacy hosts or HTML5/Javascript applications in modern web environments. TinyTERM Enterprise's Industrial Browser includes comprehensive scanning capabilities for scanning bar codes into input fields on web pages. Full compatibility with Android's browser with extensions for locking down the user interface allows deployment of existing web applications into purposed environments. TinyTERM Enterprise provides enterprise deployment capabilities including configuration push, user interface lockdown and extensive configuration import/export management, and is designed for corporate IT departments to create purposed solutions for non-technical users or uses where pre-configured automated application startup is required. Security TinyTERM Enterprise includes SSH and SSL/TLS for secure connectivity. Based on industry-standard strong encryption, SSH and SSL/TLS allow users to access remote hosts securely over any available WiFi or cellular connection. Industrial Browser The Industrial Browser in TinyTERM Enterprise provides full HTML 5 compatibility through a Webkit-based browser. It also supports all scanner options available to TinyTERM.


    For More Information: https://www.censoft.com/