ConnecTalk completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their VMAXSOR Task Management Solution on the MC40, TC55, TC75 and TC70

Version 2


    Partner: ConnecTalk


    Application: VMAXSOR® Task Management


    Industries: Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Wholesale Distribution


    Devices Validated: MC40, TC55, TC75, TC70


    Partner Description: ConnecTalk Solutions is a manufacturer of mobility applications for the retail, manufacturing, service and field service markets. With a backend that provides important BI information for managers and client applications that run on Android and Windows mobile devices and kiosks.


    Application Description: Mobility application that automates all the components of manual task management. In addition, the management portal provides analytical data to make better decisions for the enterprise. Benefits:

    • High ROI and low TCO
    • Improve resource management throughout the organization
    • Easy process to assign and deliver tasks to the right resource
    • Easier to follow when tasks are not completed on time
    • Provides real-time status of tasks to managers and supervisors
    • Increase productivity by allowing staff to spend time on high priority tasks instead of trying to track staff because tasks are not done in a timely manner
    • Help improve productivity and efficiency of the entire organization with metrics generated from the task management system


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