Push Notification

Version 13

    *** NOTICE: Changes to Push Notification ***

    • Beginning with the AppGallery Mobile 3.0 client, Push Notification functionality will transfer to Pushy Notification, a third-party app.
    • Users of any version the AppGallery client prior to version 3.0 will be automatically upgraded to v.3.0 at their next login.
    • THE UPGRADE PROCESS MUST NOT BE INTERRUPTED. Unpredictable app behavior might result.



    AppGallery 2.3

    Push Notification

    Users will be automatically notified under any of the following conditions:

    • App Update- An update is available for an app previously download by the user

    • Self Update- An update is available for the AppGallery app itself
    • Gallery *Created- A new Gallery has been created and the user's account has been added to it (v. 2.3 and higher)
    • Gallery Updated- An app has been added to a Marketplace or Gallery to which the user is subscribed
    • Gallery *Invitation- The user has been invited to a new Gallery


    * Immediate notification; not governed by sync interval.


    Push Alerts

    When an app update is available, device users will be notified by one or more of the following alerts:

    • A simple beep sound
    • A brief vibration
    • An alert pop-up when AppGallery comes to the foreground
    • A visual indicator (see below)

    Alerts can be turned on or off according to user preference on the AppGallery website as shown below. You can access Customized Mobile App by clicking your account drop down.




    Push Feature Description

    The number of app updates appears in a red circular icon near the AppGallery menu. In the image below, there are nine (9) updates available:  

    Macintosh HD:Users:vinayshivaprakash:AppGallery files:PEK:AppGallery_12114:1_AppGallery Mobile:02 Showcase - Home.png


    When an update for the AppGallery app itself is available, a green icon like the one below will appear in the AppGallery menu.


    The update icon also appears in the Settings panel, as below.


    AppGallery Mobile permits control of updates for individual apps and notification preferences (sounds, alerts and vibration) as below:


    Apps can be sorted alphabetically, by user ratings or by recently added:


    Tapping on "About AppGallery" in the Settings panel permits an update of the app to be downloaded: