AllOnMobile completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their AllOnMobile solution on the TC55

Version 1

    Partner: AllOnMobile

    Application: AllOnMobile                 

    Industries: Field mobility

    Devices Validated: TC55

    Application description: The AllOnMobile solution allows users to complete forms and jobs on a mobile device. By eliminating paperwork operatives increase the number of jobs dealt with on a daily basis. Travelling time is managed effectively as operators pick up jobs without having to go to and from the office. AllOnMobile communicates in real time, keeping track of the jobs done out in the field. It can be linked to your existing back office system in order to ensure seamless workflow.

    AllOnMobile comes with an extensive list of data fields which you can use to create job templates:

    • Work / Custom locations

    • Radio, Check and Dropdown lists

    • Free text fields - read only or editable

    • Date and Time stamps

    • Signature capture


    • Barcode and QR code scanning

    • Geo-tag locations - Where was this photo taken? 

    • Photo / Video • Offline databases

    • Decorated Images – (draw over predefined pictures/diagrams)

    • Bluetooth Printing

    • Action buttons for calling the API in real time

    • Attachments (Images/PDFs)

    • Automated workflow

    • In-app notification for new jobs

    • In-app calculations What's New in Version 3.0

    • Ability to break forms into pages

    • Ability to download databases to your mobile device for offline usages

    • Using “SQLITE” and “Offline Data” to: - Create intelligent forms - Decide on field visibility - Calculate values - Check entered details - Decide navigation paths

    • Unfilled mandatory fields and field content invalidation (result of field validation)

    • Hamburger menu added to the job list screen to increase screen real estate usage

    • Data Reset form within the application

    • Fixed landscape signature pad

    • Optimised sending and receiving of jobs

    • UI enhancements

    • Bug Fixes



    • Capture Stock Consumption (Take)

    • Capture Stock Returns

    • Capture Stock Wastage

    • Patient tracking based on GS1 Standards

    • Barcode scanning based on GS1 and HIBC standards

    • Off-line capabilities


    Benefits include:

    • Reduces costs

    • Reduces inventory holding

    • Reduces wastage and risk of out-of-date stock

    • Improves productivity and operational efficiencies

    • Reduces clinical time on admin-related duties

    • Enables greater inventory visibility and control

    • Improves data transparency

    • Creates space savings

    • Meets government requirements; eProcurement Strategy, GS1 standards


    Demo available in the AppGallery.

    For more information: AllOnMobile - Any Job, Any Form, Anywhere