Cognito iQ completes the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their Cognito iQ Mobile solution on the TC8000

Version 2

    Partner: Cognito iQ                                                  


    Application: Cognito iQ Mobile           


    Industries:  T&L, Warehousing                                                                                                                       cognito-logo-2015.png                                        


    Device validated: TC8000


    Application description:  Guide your field workers through their day with a constant flow of information between the field and core business systems. Cognito iQ provides field workers with an easy to use, intuitive workflow, available on any mobile device. Using decision-tree logic to guide workers through tasks, the workflow adapts when data is entered - that’s the intelligent bit.


    Standard API

    Compatible With 3rd Party Software

    Cross-Platform Capability

    Device Agnostic


    A demo of the solution is available in the AppGallery.


    For more information: