Scan to Login - Admin Guide

Version 11

    AppGallery 2.3 and higher


    To ease account administration for large organizations, AppGallery 2.3 implements Scan to Login. This feature permits an unlimited number of users to access a specific group of apps (a Collection) from a single login that's activated simply by using the barcode scanner or camera of a Zebra device. If an enterprise chooses, once a device is logged in through the generated barcode, that device can enter a "lock-down" mode where it will only have access to applications that the enterprise sees fit are needed for its company devices; thus improving device security and efficiency.


    For the AppGallery administrator, this guide explains how to create and distribute the scannable log-in image. For the user or user-administrator, please refer to Mobile App Login, Scan to Login. This guide requires a working knowledge of Creating a Collection and Creating a User. Before beginning, at least one Collection and user account with access to that Collection must exist.


    In brief, administering a Scan-to-Login image involves the following basic steps:

    1. Log into AppGallery.

    2. Click Your Name on the menu bar to access it's drop down menu options

    3. Click on Customized Mobile App



    Scan to Log In_1.PNG



    4. Click Generate Barcode


    Scan to Log In_2.PNG


    5. Enter the login credentials for the account that will be granted access to the desired Collection or Collections. These required fields will accept any name that's registered with AppGallery (and its corresponding password).


    Scan to Log In_3.PNG


    6. Check the "Private" checkbox to limit devices to a specific Collection or Collections created by the organization. Leaving it unchecked will allow users logging in with the generated barcode to access Collections of their choosing.

    7. Click the Generate button. A new browser tab will open containing a generated image similar to the one below:



    8. Save and distribute the PDF to anyone who requires access to the Collection.

    9. Using the mobile version of AppGallery, on the appropriate devices, Scan the Barcode to log into and access the enterprise's collected applications.


    Note: after scanning the barcode the device will be associated with the collection found in the barcode. This means that if different users login to the device they will still have access to the collections shared with the device through the scanned barcode. Currently the only way to disassociate a device from a collection is to uninstall AppGallery from the device and then install again.