Mobile App Login - Scan to Login

Version 2

    AppGallery 2.3 and higher


    To ease account administration for large organizations, AppGallery 2.3 implements Scan to Login. This feature permits an unlimited number of users to access a specific group of apps (a Gallery) from a single login that's activated simply by using the barcode scanner or camera of a Zebra device.


    For the AppGallery user or user-administrator, this guide explains how to log in with a Zebra device the old-fashioned way (with the keyboard) and by scanning an image. To learn how to create a scannable login image, please refer to the Scan to Login - Admin Guide.


    To log into AppGallery Mobile using the keyboard, skip to Step 2:

    1. Locate the scanner image (.pdf) provided by your AppGallery administrator (this can be a printout or displayed on a monitor).

    2. Launch the AppGallery Mobile app on the device. A login screen like the image below will appear:


    3. Type in the user name and password, then tap the Login button. (The keyboard will appear when tapping into a text field.)


    - or -


    4. Tap the "Scan to login" button. AppGallery will activate the device scanner (if available) or display the camera image with a reticle like the one shown below: 


    Note: If the device is not equipped with a scanner or camera, the "Scan to Login" button will not be displayed. 


    5. Aim the scanner or reticle at the barcode. Input will take place automatically when the barcode is recognized.


    Scan to Login is complete.