Add Data File (include files with app)

Version 14

    AppGallery Mobile 2.3 and higher (Android apps only)


    The AppGallery server allows one or more data files to be stored and installed along with an Android app. These files can contain app settings, client data, merchandise information or any other data that an organization might require to accompany an app. For example, Zebra's Enterprise Browser app stores runtime configuration settings such as key mappings, display preferences and start page in a file called config.xml. An organization might pre-configure several config.xml files for different target scenarios, such as for different stores, job or device types, geographical regions and so on. As many as five data files can be stored and selectively deployed with an app.


    Data files also can be unique to a Gallery or Showcase while being deployed with the same app. For example, Enterprise Browser might be stored in the "Sales Gallery" with a config.xml for sales-department devices plus a client database file, while the "Retail Gallery" might contain settings for retail devices plus an inventory database.


    Rules for Data Files

    • As many as five (5) data files may be stored with each app.
    • Files may be manually "toggled" to enable or disable installation with an app.
    • Data files can be no larger than 1MB.
    • Only Gallery apps uploaded (or updated) after AppGallery 2.3 can accept data files.
    • Showcase apps do not require an update to accept data files.
    • When updating an existing app that includes one or more data files, the old data file(s) can be retained or replaced with new one(s).
    • When a data file is uploaded, its installation destination on the device is a required field.
    • Accepted file formats are .xml, .txt and a variety of image formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png).
    • This feature has been tested with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.


    This guide requires familiarity with Uploading a New App and/or Updating an Existing App. Refer to those guides for full instructions.


    To add data files to an app when Adding or Updating an app:


    1. In the Upload section, click the Checkbox for "Include configuration files" indicated by the arrow in the image below. A section will appear like the one in the red box below:


    2. Click "+ Add data file" for each file to be added. As many as five (5) files can be included. The image below shows fields for adding three (3) data files:



    3. Click the Browse button and navigate to the file to be included.



    4. Enter the desired path in the Device Location field. When the app is installed, the data file will be placed in this location on the device.

    5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each included file. Click "Continue to Details" when done.


    6. Follow additional prompts to complete the process.