Ubiquia Inc complete the Zebra Technologies Validation program for their Zenventory solution on the MC40, MC67, TC55, TC70, TC75 and TC8000

Version 1


    Zenventory-Logo (1).png

    Partner: Ubiquia Inc


    Application: Zenventory


    Application description: Transform your mobile device into a powerful integrated tool for managing inventory. A free add-on for Zenventory users!NOTE: To use this free add-on application, you must first have an active Zenventory account set up for the warehouse you want to manage.

    To get started: 1. Set up a Zenventory account from your computer or tablet. 2. Download Zen Mobile from the App Store. 3. Follow instructions from our Quick Start Guide to begin using Zen Mobile! Capabilities: View inventory stored in your warehouse, with real-time quantities and locations. Accurately capture 1D/2D barcodes using your device’s camera, an inexpensive alternative to a traditional handheld barcode scanner. Receive incoming purchase order deliveries and scan items into inventory. Easily pick and scan items for order fulfillment. Conduct cycle counts of assigned locations, scanning items for accuracy.

    Requirements: Wireless data connection – Wi-Fi or cellular (usage charges from your carrier or ISP may apply) Zenventory subscription – Active or trial account required.


    Devices validated: MC40, MC67, TC55, TC70, TC75, TC8000


    Industries: Manufacturing


    Learn more: http://www.zenventory.com/