Mobisys GmbH complete the Zebra Technologies Validation program for their MSB App on the MC9200, TC55, TC70, TC75 and TC8000

Version 1


    Partner: Mobisys GmbH


    Application: MSB App


    Application description: The MSB App allows you to run mobile applications which have been created in the SAP ERP system using the Mobisys Solution Builder add-on with the help of the Mobisys Screen Designer and by means of ABAP programming. During configuration of the MSB App, you first configure the connection to an SAP system and to the mobile application. You log on to the SAP system with your user master data, which must be activated for mobile applications. After this, you can use the application-specific menu to call the sub-menus and process individual transactions. The transactions are not limited to the display of data from the SAP system. Instead, the postings and changes made can be carried out individually for each application and according to the authorizations defined in the SAP system. Besides the display and input elements, the following functions are also supported:

    • Scanning of bar codes with the camera
    • Scanning of barcodes using the internal scanner of the device
    • Output of sounds for errors, warnings or information messages
    • Camera function and transfer of photos to the SAP system
    • GPS function and transfer of geo-coordinates to the SAP system
    • Entry of data without permanent connection to an SAP system and subsequent synchronization in offline applications




    • The SAP Add-on “Mobisys Solution Builder” (MSB 3.6 or higher) is installed, configured, and licensed in your SAP ERP system.
    • The SAP ERP system is accessible via a wireless LAN or a GSM/UMTS communications connection.
    • There is at least one mobile MSB application available in the SAP ERP system.
    • The connection of the Zebra Device is licensed and activated in MSB Device Management using the defined device ID.
    • The user logging on is activated in the SAP ERP system.


    Devices validated:  MC9200, TC55, TC70, TC75, TC8000


    Industries: Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities


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