Seltris Enterprise Mobility completes the Zebra Technologies Validation program for a new version of their T-Dox solution on the TC55 and TC75

Version 2

    Partner: Seltris Enterprise MobilityLogo_Seltris.jpg


    Application: T-Dox (2.5 rev 91)


    Application description:


    The app central to your business for all company data collection processes, directly from your smartphone.

    This app is simple and intuitive, works with and without connection and allows you to collect data for every business activity : questionnaires, reports of intervention, proof of delivery, quality control and many others.


    TDox also allows you to:

    - Automatically link personal data related to customers and products through integration with business management systems.

    - Export collected data to CSV/Excel, store them in pdf form and integrate them with internal management systems.

    - Analyze collected information through reports and statistics.


    Make your business efficient, use T-DOX!



    Devices validated: TC55, TC75


    Industries: Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation & logistics, Field mobility


    Demo available in the AppGallery.


    For more information: Software gestione magazzino, assistenza tecnica, trasporti