Inveligent complete the Zebra Technologies Validated program for their Inveligent Survey Module on the TC55

Version 1

    Partner: Inveligent


    Application: Inveligent Survey Module


    Application Description: Companies that have operations in the field, as pollsters or technicians who are providing service in remote locations, often find it difficult to effectively monitor their activity and even when access to information is possible, this is slow and uncertain. Solution FS (Field Service) INVELIGENT allows more information and productivity at all levels: from field workers and their supervisors to managers. With the combination of robust hardware built to withstand the FS solution made to function independently when out of coverage area of communication and contact when you are with a friend network, you can get better control of field operations and share the resulting information with other key people in the company.


    Devices validated: TC55


    Industries: Education, Federal Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human Services, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Public Safety, Retail, State, Local or Provincial Government, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities



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