TAAP Limited complete the Zebra Technologies Validated program for their TAAP Forms solution on the ET55

Version 2


    Partner:  TAAP Limited


    Application: TAAP Forms


    Application Description:


    TAAP Forms installs and runs on your tablet, hybrid, Ultrabook, laptop or desktop PC. It provides users with a flexible forms based user interface that dynamically changes based upon the needs and requirements of your business. TAAP portals can be linked to the Windows 8.1 TAAP Forms client to provide the following types of applications.


    Job Scheduling Inspection and Auditing

    Field Servicing

    Automotive Inspection

    Environmental Health

    Gas Safety Certificates

    Trades person Quotes and Invoices


    The TAAP Forms client can literally have every business process form in your organization a finger tip away. Use TAAP Forms to create and complete the most basic and simple forms, to those required for complex auditing and inspection. Collect structured data and even generate multiple reports from the one data set, ie Inspection steps, Method Statements, Non Conformance Reports, Punch Lists, local printing to Microsoft Word. Make sure of rich data collection controls to capture signatures, photos, perform photo annotation within the application. Once the work is complete, and use validation logic to define what is optional and what is mandatory, complete the form and upload your completed work to the cloud, or email it to your customers. TAAP Forms on a tablet delivers the next stage in mobile working.


    Devices validated: ET55 (Windows Embedded 8.1)


    Industries: Education, Federal Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human Services, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Public Safety, Retail, State, Local or Provincial Government, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities, Wholesale Distribution


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