iSign International completes the Zebra Technologies Validation program for their USignIn solution on the TC70, TC75 and TC8000

Version 1


    Partner: iSign International Inc.


    Application: USignIn


    Application Description: USignIn is an application designed to utilize the barcode scanner to scan eDoc quickly for signing. Private messaging, private sharing, and private networking. Sign up for a free account and start sending encrypted messages using iSign's Dynamic Public Key Infrastructure platform. In addition to your account, you will also get a email address. is running out fast. 



    What really separates USignIn from the rest is that messages are encrypted with our Dynamic PKI encryption algorithm. Compliment that with our Biometric Signature verification algorithm, only intended recipients can open and read encrypted messages. With email and attachment permissions, you control how your recipient read and download attachments.



    You can quickly and securely sign into your account by using your finger to sign your signature on the screen. Our short-loop biometric signature verification system learns your signature over time; the more you sign in, the easier it is for iSign to learn your signature. Enrolling your signature takes less than 1 minute and only requires 4 signatures.


    Devices validated:  TC70, TC75, TC8000


    Industries: Federal Government, Healthcare, State, Local or Provincial Government, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities


    Demo available in the Appgallery.


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