Norris Print-Tech A/S completed the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their MotoScan Application on the MC3200, MC40, MC67, TC55, TC70/75, TC8000

Version 2

    Application: MotoScan Android                                                                           npt-logo


    Application description: We present you the first real data capture Android app that is explicitly made for data capture purposes. MotoScan Android is an easy approach to data capture on a generic level for everyone. It’s easy to understand and easy to handle. MotoScan Android is a re-engineered version of the MotoScan app that will run on Android devices. It has been optimized for use on Zebra/Symbol devices and Datalogic Axist. The integrated barcode scanners on the devices has been incorporated in the app, so scanning processes are easily done. The MotoScan Android app will run on most Android devices, for example mobile phones, and the scanning process is done using the camera on these devices. Supports integrated scanners (on selected devices) Supports camera scanning Easy to deploy Easy to change Runs on all Android OS from ver. 4.03 With no greater complexity you can make your own data capture solution with the MotoScan Configurator tool on the website.The most common scenarios are already made ready for you to use. Everybody can learn to use the software and it will give good feedback from the end users. It is easy to modify and adapt the looks of the menu and change the content of the data capture scenarios for your needs. Ready out-of-the-box – preconfigured with 4 common scenarios ready to use, or change if needed Centralized app configuration deployment No programming needed - Anyone can install and adapt it Price / performance – low price allowing everyone to buy White label app – Brand it at your own choice Localize it with your own language, with your own texts and headlines Wireless datasync to FTP or Dropbox Lookup database enabled for price checking Licensed forever – no recurring fees Easy - Anyone can use it!


    Devices validated: MC3200, MC40, MC67, TC55, TC70/75, TC8000.


    Industries: Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Education, Federal Government, Human Services, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Public Safety, State, Local or Provincial Government, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities.

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