Seltris Enterprise Mobility completed the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their T-Dox solution on the the TC55, TC75, and TC56

Version 1

    Partner: Seltris Enterprise Mobility


    Application: T-Dox


    Application Description:

    TDox is a software solution for the collection of information targeted at companies that offer technical service or material deliveries. It easily replaces all the paper forms in use and makes the data available in digital format. The data collection forms are created with a designer accessible on the web: it is a very intuitive tool with which you can re-create service reports, documents for proof of delivery, documents for the clocking of the employees, and everything that you collect now on paper. You can use already existing templates that emulate the most used paper forms, or make them from scratch by inserting, according to your own logic and order, the following elements:

    -    Text

    -    Numbers

    -    Check boxes

    -    Photos

    -    Barcodes

    -    Vector signature

    -    GPS coordinates

    The TDox app for smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices allows one to fill the collection forms made on the web and to automatically send the information to the central system. While filling the forms from the app, the data can be inserted autonomously or by referring to customer/product lists already existing in the company’s management software.  The app sends the information to the central system and is then available in exportable CSV/Excel and PDF files or it can be transferred, through an integration mechanism, to external systems. TDox is a more advanced solution compared to the usual apps for the management system, because it offers extreme autonomy for the creation and customization of the data that needs to be collected, and it also works without a connection, making it better than a remote connection. TDox, the DIY app for services and deliveries that has everything you need!


    Devices validated: TC55, TC75, TC56


    Industries: Healthcare, Utilities, Field Mobility, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing


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