AppGallery Administration

Version 2


    The AppGallery system consists of three essential components:

    • Apps to be deployed
    • Users to which to deploy them
    • Collections into which Apps can be grouped for easier deployment

    Users also can be organized into groups, further simplifying admin tasks. All administrative tasks are handled through a web-based interface, the main parts of which are shown below.


    1. Add Users

    The first step in setting up an AppGallery system is generally to add users. After logging to, click on the Users tab for access to User administrative functions.


    Options for adding users:



    2. Upload Apps

    Apps must be uploaded into AppGallery before they can be deployed to one or more Users or Groups. Apps are uploaded to the AppGallery server individually. How to add an app.



    3. Create Collections (optional)

    Once all of a company's apps are uploaded to the AppGallery server, including them in one or more Collections makes it easy to deploy them to specific users or groups. For example, a Collection might be created for a sales team, another for marketing and a third for accounting. An app such as for expense reporting might be in all three of example Collections, while a company's accounting app might be included only in the accounting CollectionMore about Collections.



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