Peak-Ryzex completed the Zebra Technologies Validation Program for their IM2 Retail solution on the TC55, TC70, QLn220, TC51, and TC75X

Version 1

    Partner: Peak-Ryzex


    Application: IM2 Retail


    Application Description:

    Peak-Ryzex's IM2 Retail is designed for use by store staff to provide customer service, stock management and facility management capabilities to store staff, wherever it is needed. IM2 Retail puts next generation scanning capabilities, data and voice communication right where it’s needed – in the hands of the teams on the retail floor and in the stock room. Fast, accurate data capture and response means quicker replenishment, rapid answers to stock inquiries and fitting room requests, and more streamlined receiving and transfer processes. IM2 Retail is fully scalable, from 10 to 10,000 stores and works both on-line via wireless networks or off-line via hot spot or docking cradle synchronization.


    Devices validated: TC55, TC70, QLn220, TC51, TC75X


    Industries: Retail


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