Disable Marketplace on Mobile App

Version 3

    Access to the Marketplace from the AppGallery client is controlled from the AppGallery server. 


    This feature requires AppGallery Mobile or higher.


    To disable Marketplace on AppGallery Mobile:


    1. Log into AppGallery.

    2. From the home page, click Collections on the menu bar.

    3. Click "Create new collection" (as below) and enter a name for the collection, when prompted.

    If the Collection already exists, simply open it for editing.


    create_collection copy.png

    4. In the Collection's Settings tab, Turn on the "Disable Marketplace" switch.


    5. Invite users and/or groups to share the Collection.


    Devices that accept an invitation to share this collection will not (or no longer) have access to the Marketplace.