Velocity API: Settings.get()

Version 1

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    Gets a value for the specified property. Returned values are always returned as a string.



    var value = Settings.get(setting);
    settingThe name of the setting. See the Setting Values table for the names of settings that can be used.StringRequired



    Setting valuesDescriptionNotes
    oversizedScanningDetermines how the Velocity Client handles scans with more characters than a field allows for 5250 or 3270.Valid values:
    "0" = Do not allow. Discards the scan data.
    "1" = Truncate. Discards the extra characters.
    "2" = Split. Populates the current field and puts the extra characters into the next field.



    /* Get the value for the Oversized Scanning property. 
    var value = Settings.get("oversizedScanning");